BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ Designers and Stylists Are The Fashion Blueprint

BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ Designers and Stylists Are The Fashion Blueprint

Morena Mía is the new Latina Queer-owned eclectic slow-fashion retailer centered on highlighting BIPOC designers and brands. We are known for our bold and inclusive luxurious campaigns pushing melanin enriched skin and indigenous features to the forefront of fashion. We have established a trusted reputation for becoming the one-stop-shop for the latest indie, street, and underground fashion trends born from barrios, slums, and ranchos. Blurring the line between street and high fashion, Morena Mia is making our barrios the runway! 

We built this underground fashion hub based on the values we picked up from our cultura. We are a slow- fashion retailer! The designers and brands we carry make your hood couture pieces as you order them to reduce overproduction and waste. We are inclusive! Our garments come in sizes XL- 4XL and are constantly looking for ways to expand our variety of sizing and silhouettes! We are also BIPOC- centered and Queer allies, meaning we make it a priority to leverage our communities of color through authentic representation of melanin rich people and queer folks in our campaigns, our internal team, and collaborators. 

We are conversation starters! Fashion for the bold and the brave! Our fashion is carefully curated with political undertones. Our collections and partnerships are intentionally making waves in our communities because we mean to disrupt the status quo! We want to challenge narratives and breakdown old conditioning. Fashion is a powerful tool of self- expression! The brands and designers we collab with understand the influence their garments have to shape our understanding of the world and they don't take that responsibility lightly. We are here for it!

Marginalized communities, especially BIPOC and LGBTQIA+, have been innovative leaders, muses, and blueprints for fashion trends and timeless styles. However, emerging designers and upcoming brands are often overlooked or not properly credited! Morena Mía is curating a space for indie and underground designers to be discovered, supported, and celebrated! We are the place to find emerging talent while they are on their way up! 

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