Amor Propio is Sexy AF: Fashion as a Form of Self- Love

Amor Propio is Sexy AF: Fashion as a Form of Self- Love

In our latest campaign, Morena Mia has partnered with two new Latina-owned brands, URBAN VQRA x Señora Calzones to create an elevated lingerie and accessories collection that merges the erotic sex appeal of self love and the exquisite elements of Mexican ranchera cultura. Amor Propio is arriving before Valentine’s Day, the collection is a reminder to us all to focus on romancing ourselves beyond one day. It’s fueled with self discovery, unapologetic sultry energy and it embodies the sexiness of SELF-LOVE. Why look for amor outside of our own temple when amor propio lives within? 

URBAN VQRA and Señora Calzones are a match made in earth- heaven as they deliver a sultry collection, Amor Propio, that harnesses seductive confidence and indulges in luxurious boldness through the eclectic designs and audacious visual campaigns. Each piece is designed to be inclusive of all individuals because true self-love can add up to anything we desire as long as we honor ourselves in the equation. The designs take a lot of inspiration from the designers' Mexican cultura, as first- generation Mexican- Americans. From the silhouettes to the names of the garments, every single detail is curated to honor the femmes who taught them how to show up for themselves and to inspire you to do the same for yourself. The collection includes, Adelita Fringed- One Piece ($111), Santa Diabla Chain Tejana ($199), Mujer Divina Fringe Chain Belt ($111), Amor Probio Crop Fringe Tee ($88), Diosa Fringe Tejana ($122), La Doña Cowgirl Fedora ($88), Chingona Croc Chaps ($188), and an iconic Paloma Roja Two- Piece Fringe Set ($99), sizes range from XS to 4XL. The bold and provocative collection can be easily paired with anything from everyday looks to festival styles. Amor Propio will be exclusively carried by Morena Mía. We invite you to step into your bold and unapologetically Amor Propio Era.  

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