About Morena Mia

Morena Mia is for the daring, for the expressive, for the “watch me do me”, for the “I take my culture wherever I go”, for the bebé who owns the damn look. Morena Mia believes you can look fly at any age and that looking fly is magic. We don’t mean that in cheesy way either, haven’t you ever noticed how as soon as you clean up and throw a nice fit on your energy vibration rises: that’s magic bebé. That is why we do what we do here at Morena Mia. We want to have you feeling the the baddest, flyest, mas bonita version of yourself so you can go out there and rock whatever you do. 

Our Team

Founder & CEO

Morena Mia was dreamt up by, first- Gen Chicana from Riverside, CA,  Aleja Jimenez. She is a multidisciplinary creative professionalAn author, podcast host, and fashion designer/ stylist. She is here to inspire her gente. Everything she curates is a collaborative effort to build equity in BIPOC communities through her professional, especially entrepreneurial, endeavors, by marrying them to a social cause. As you vibe with Morena Mia you’ll notice influences of the culture of all of the people who brought this space to life and their creative lifestyle imbedded in the experience of the brand. In a very intentional effort to create authentic, while still innovative, representation of BIPOC, in particular, marginalized Latinx subcultures.

Creative Director 

 Natalie Garcia is an LA-based Chicana Creative Professional: An Author, Writer, and Creative Director. With over 10 years experience in the fashion and beauty public relations industry, she is set out to breakdown doors and obstacles for other Latinas. Natalie has worked with many top-tier brands such as Too Faced, Jason Wu Beauty, Los Angeles Lakers, BCBGMAXAZRIA, GRL Collective, and more  She has created successful innovative campaigns that have garnered placements on Cosmopolitan, LA Times, New York Times, CNN, Refinery29, POPSUGAR, and Vogue. 

Focused on leveraging community organizations, Natalie is most actively involved developing BIPOC brands and industry leaders. She is an advocate on issues such as education, health, immigration, and economic empowerment. She also embraces and welcomes her responsibility as a role model for others in the Latinx community who aspire to develop a career in fashion, beauty and media. 

Our Values

Morena Mia’s values are a big part of the brand. Unlike many brands that would stay quiet in the face of injustice to protect profit margins, Morena Mia uses its platform to influence positive change. We use models of diverse body types and figures who could be our sister, our tia, our friend, our neighbor. We intentionally work mostly with melanin-rich skin-toned bebés to create the representation we wish to see in the world and to protest colorism within Latinx, and other, communities. We design our campaigns to deliver meaningful and valuable messages that go beyond the superficial tier of fashion. We truly believe that fashion is a large representation of culture and can be one of the most creative methods of individualized self-expression. Therefore holding a huge influence and space for social action. 

Everything Morena Mía takes on is to empower their communities, particularly LGBTQ, BIFWOC, and Migrant communities. 

Our Commitment

While Morena Mia began as a ready-to-wear retailer, we continue dreaming up ways to grow and expand; especially towards sustainability. We are committed to a 2 year plan to make Morena Mia a sustainable brand, a time when we hope most of our items will be produced in-house. While we have worked our asses off with the resources available to us, we are keenly aware that there is always space to learn. We want to personally invite you to write our founder directly with any questions, concerns, or comments on Morena Mia’s brand values at aleja@shopmorenamia.com