Decolonizing Sexuality Through Fashion

Decolonizing Sexuality Through Fashion

Morena Mía has partnered with the notable Latina-owned intimates brand, Señora Calzones once again to create a limited- edition Brujita inspired intimates collection in collaboration with La Brujita Del Jardin. The collection is inspired by the manifestation poetry book, Cosmica, written by Latina Author and Brujita Poet, Natalie Garcia. Since its release, the book has been highly acclaimed and embraced by manifesting Latinas and brujas everywhere. The Morena Mia  7- Piece exclusive collab between La Brujita Del Jardin and Señora Calzones includes a glamorous Diosa lace robe with feather sleeves, the Venus Robe, a seductive matching two- piece black lace intimate set, the Lilith Two- Piece, and a manifestation ritual box including a rose-scented Cosmica Candle, Cosmica Affirmation Deck, Cosmica Poetry Book, and a Venus- Lilith Ritual Card, Cosmica Ritual Box, to tap into the dark feminine energy within. 

Morena Mía is highlighting brands like Señora Calzones and La Brujita Del Jardin to shine light on the popular TikTok conversation of dark feminine energy through a sultry limited-edition intimates collection. Specifically shining light on the dark feminine term to remove the negative connotation and decolonize the practices and lifestyles of BIPOC women who do not align with Eurocentric standards. The sexuality and spirituality of Women of Color have always been demonized and controlled by hetero men who can have a limited perspective of what femininity can mean. When it comes to non-confirming spirituality, embracing ancestral and Indigenous practices is still deemed as evil and devil worshiping. Even within communities of color. This is largely due to the conditioning of colonization and white supremacy. In the subject of sexuality, many women of color are seen as less than for embracing and taking control of their own sexuality and not appealing to the mainstream standards of what is appropriate and palatable. Meanwhile mainstream media and sources alike lack transparency towards the continuous hypersexualization and fetishization of Latinas and Black women through these patriarchal and misogynistic narratives. Beyond the sexual revolution of the dark femme, the seductive intimate collection takes you on a journey to evoke the duality of femininity fearlessly.

The body- inclusive Morena Mía editorial campaigns, audacious poetry, sensual garments and unapologetic spirituality create an energetic reflection that sexuality and spirituality can be merged and revolutionized. The Cosmica Collection will be available on July 27, 2023 exclusively on, the one- of- a- kind retailer focused on breaking the barriers of high fashion and adapting more non-confirming campaigns to encourage BIPOC femme individuals to boldly and audaciously manifest their dreams into reality without asking for permission.

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Decolonizing Sexuality Through Fashion
Beyond the sexual revolution of the dark femme, the seductive intimate collection by Señora Calzones and La Brujita Del Jardin takes you on a journey to evoke the duality of femininity fearlessly.
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